We gave you some love and got loads in return.

So we doubled the prize: instead of raffling one winner, we asked for two.

And they are:

-> Ana Gonçalves

-> Cristina Stoian

Congratulations to both of you! Each one of you has won two private mentoring sessions worth €150 free-of-charge.

But hey, there’s more.

No one leaves empty-handed.

Keep an eye in your inbox. In the coming days, we’ll drop a goodie for you too.

If you are interested in following a one-on-one mentorship, you can book a free consultation by sending us an email or filling out our contact form. Please mention the reason why you would like to follow such a programme.



The raffling was done through the website RandomPicker. All registrations between 14 February and 17 February 2017 were included in the website mechanism. You can verify your name and the results by clicking on the above logo or following the link:  https://www.randompicker.com/protocol/396778×69034