• Client: To Be Consulting 
  • Role: Editor

Author Wiemer Renkema enlisted my services in editing the English version of his management book To Manage or Not, That Is The Question. The book was originally written in Dutch. The English translation, while grammatically perfect, lacked some reading flow and pacing.

Language was crucial to this project because the concept was based on some of Shakespeare’s most popular plays and characters. It was important to guarantee a sense of story-telling in the overall flow of the book. For this project, I reviewed the language and suggested dramatic changes to the syntax. Sometimes by changing one word or replacing a comma for a period, it made a world’s difference.

To purchase the book click on the below links:

ENG version (Europe): www.waterstones.com

ENG version (US): www.barnesandnoble.com

NL version: www.bol.com