• Client: Philips
  • Role: UX Content Strategist & Writer
  • Content developed: app, boxing, claims, promo video

For its Smart Shaver, Philips developed a shaving coaching app targetting men with sensitive skin conditions.

The UX content approach was to design the narrative using some screenwriting tools that make out the famous hero’s journey. By doing so, we could set out the customer’s journey as though it was a film script. What this allowed us was to be able to develop a relationship with the user in a more natural way. The tone of voice was adjusted according to each step of the narrative journey. In fact, taking into account the sensitive nature of the topic (every man should know how to shave after all, right?), the editorial content became extremely important. Each word was chosen carefully and wisely. Using the narrative journey of a film also permitted us to anticipate moments of crisis and prepare content that could persuade the user to continue his journey into an irritation-free skin.