• Client: Philips
  • Role: Script writer

As Philips moves more towards health technology, it is educating its new audience about its products, services, and processes.

For this video, Philips wanted to inform healthcare managers about its vision in connecting the healthcare world and how it is taking steps into guaranteeing data protection and safety.

The script was for a voiceover that accompanied a video animation.

The final video is not available for public domain.  Below is an excerpt from the script and a couple of screenshots from the animation.


In healthcare, fast access to the right data can be crucial in saving someone’s life. But
unfortunately, collecting data can take just too long, and
care may come too late.
So imagine that clinicians could have immediate access to
all relevant data of a patient anywhere and anytime. Imagine being able to give diagnoses
faster, make better and more informed decisions, and provide personalized care, even at
home. All the while safeguarding the patient’s privacy and data security.
In fact, you don’t actually have to imagine it because that’s exactly what Royal Philips is
doing. Our daily life is getting connected online, so why shouldn’t our health be too?