August 7, 2013

Earning life whistling

Dutch whistling champion Geert Chatrou has been whistling since he can remember. An annoying habit for some, a talent for others. But his talent has changed his life and now he earns a living whistling.

Aired on Deutsche Welle (June 2013)

A group of young Mozambican men part of a local youth organization take it to the streets to promote the female condom.
Félix Roberto is one of them. The 22 year old isn’t afraid of admitting there’s a bit of a feminist in him.

Broadcast on Deutsche Welle (May 2013)

When the US troops entered his native town of Bagdad in 2003, Ghaith Abdul-Ahad ditched his architectural sketches, grabbed a camera a friend had given him and stepped outside to document what was going on. A decade later, he’s become one of the most renowned war photojournalists of his generation. 

Broadcast on Deutsche Welle (February 2013)