• Hello and welcome!

    My name is Cíntia Taylor. I’m a writer and content strategist.

    I started Taylored Editorial because of my love for stories.

    Whether it’s in journalism, film, corporate, or advertising.

    In fact, I use all of these narrative techniques (and more) when I craft your story.

    But I’m more than just a writer…

What I do

  • Content Marketing

    I help you produce the most suitable content for your company or brand.

    After discussing your goals (KPIs) we define a suitable content strategy and I get my hands dirty – well, not literally, I do know how to use a pen after all.

    • Blogs
    • Articles
    • Social media
    • Campaigns


    You already have a content strategy but need an extra pair of hands to write your content?

    You’re in luck because I happen to do that too.

    Oh I want to read more about Content Marketing!

  • Copywriting

    Your story deserves to be told the best way possible. I apply strong storytelling technique and, whenever needed, basic SEO principles.

    • Websites
    • Press releases
    • Pitches
    • Presentations


    For agencies, companies, and freelancers.

    Tell me more about copywriting 

  • Video Scripting

    Video scripting demands a different type of writing. It must be fluid, accessible, and more communicative than most writing.

    I develop and produce scripts for creative, inspirational, informative or instructive purposes.

    By discussing your needs and goals, I craft the tone of voice and structure the message with a strong sense of storyline.


    Great, tell me more!

  • UX Writing

    To me, the most interesting challenge of content design lies in the balance between emotional interaction and user expectations.

    That’s why in my content for AI, apps, bots, and other UX writing focusses primarily on placing the user’s needs at the centre of the communication.

    And I achieve that with a strong use of storytelling technique.

    UX Writing sounds awesome!

  • Journalism & Editorial

    I’ve worked as a journalist for over 15 years.

    My articles and reports are well researched, fact-based, and respect the highest ethical standards of journalism principles.

    Some of my work has appeared on the BBC, The Daily Beast, Monocle, France24, and other international media.

    In addition, I edit journalism, corporate, and literary content.

    I’m curious! 


More than a writer


Yes, it’s a buzz-word, but it’s also the tool the best writers out there have been using since… well… ever. Story is what connects us and help us understand the world around us.  I use a mix of narrative tools to convey your story in order to create an emotional connection and reaction.


Before I type down the first word, I consider the ‘why’. No piece of content makes sense if it’s not suited for three essential elements: goal, message, and audience. Together with you, we clarify the reason why you need this specific piece of content and choose the best format to feed those needs.


As a writer, I have worked with and for a wide range of sectors – from technology to creative industries – and different types of enterprise – from multinationals to freelancers. This has given me a great amount of insight towards the differences in business realities and it’s also allowed me to quickly adapt to your needs.


Your story deserves the best writing. I am committed to delivering high-quality content, leaving no stone unturned, no detail unattended. I don’t stop until you’re happy. At the end of the day, your recommendation is my biggest pay.


Keeping it fresh with a training or workshop

So perhaps you want to keep your content writing in-house but:

  • you’d like to get a shot of new ideas,
  • review some of the principles behind writing and storytelling
  • or simply need basic training to get started

Through my workshops, I can provide training to meet your content writing needs.

Examples of previous workshops included: blogging strategy, basic principles of blog writing, how to craft a story,  storytelling applied to marketing personas, TED-like speeches and presentations, among others.

Don’t just take my word for it…

  • Cíntia was of critical importance to get the book from translated into fun and a pleasure to read. Her creativity and perseverance as an editor was impressive. Cíntia is a pleasure to work with: smart, witty, creative and with a great love for words.
    Wiemer Renkema
    Interim HR Manager & Author
  • I am able to be more clear about who I would like to work with and with Cíntia's help and clarity I enjoyed seeing who that person is without it being an arduous job. It was a lot of fun working with Cíntia.
    Ana Gonçalves
  • As Content Strategist for our Philips SmartShaver app, Cíntia brought a crucial narratology perspective to (1) how we talk about our consumers and (2) how we connect with them on an emotional level. She added value not only to the project in the short term, but to our organization in the long term.
    Brian Pagán
    UX Designer

Who’s that Girl?


Cíntia Taylor is a writer based in Amsterdam.

She has been telling stories since the day she said her first word – it was ‘dog’, much to her mom’s disappointment.

After training as a journalist, Cíntia went on to work for media such as BBC, The Daily Beast, Monocle, Marketplace, and more.

She also works for companies, where she applies a strong storytelling technique in her work, bringing a mix of narrative tools from film, journalism, advertising, literature, and theatre.

Some of her clients include Philips, Nomads Agency, National Geographic, and Boston Consulting Group. She also works with entrepreneurs and start-ups.

In addition, Cíntia gives training in writing, storytelling, and presentation. She has been a lecturer at SAE Institute since 2011. She also writes theatre plays, film scripts, poems, and is a filmmaker.



Here I share some thoughts and tips regarding writing and storytelling.

In addition to being a writer, I also teach. I have found that by sharing my knowledge with others I learn more about my own craft. It forces me to think about why I do things the way I do. As a result, I become a better writer – all the while helping others dive into this wonderful world of words.

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